20 August, 2012

Ebooks for kids - Wobby Blobby Ooh! - uTales

Hello everyone,  after trying couple times there it is Ebooks for kids - Wobby Blobby Ooh! - uTales  my book is published on U TALES.COM when i first upload the book on u Tales they said that book was awfully unfinished so book didn't get approved. I was so sad but with Jennifer's help we started to change some things, add some more things tried it again and didn't get approved again. We realized that we have some typo mistakes.. fixed.. now finally we have got approved. So if you have same issue on u tales and cant get approved don't quit, try to find your mistakes instead of jumping to the whole different project. If you don't try to find your mistakes you will repeat them on your next project. I learned so much from my mistakes during this book project    now i wont repeat the same mistakes again on my next project which  will be coming soon.

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